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Mindful Movement – A Healthier Relationship with Our Bodies and Exercise

How to Be More Mindful: Part 4
March 15, 2018
As a therapist who works with clients who have eating disorders, disordered eating and body image issues, I hear many of my clients talk about hitting the gym, finding ways to burn more calories, etc. Ever since the New Year, my clients have talked about taking off the extra pounds they gained over the holidays. Their solutions are exercise and restrictive dieting. Many of them complain that although they’ve resolved to go to the gym more often, they really haven’t gone because they are “lazy,” “tired” or “too busy.” Could the problem really be that going to the gym feels like punishment for them, and it’s not really fun? Read more >>

A Journey into Mindful Eating

How to Be More Mindful: Part 3
February 15, 2018
As a therapist who specializes in eating disorders, I often hear my clients talk about dieting, what they should or shouldn’t be eating, and their concept of “good” and “bad” food. This is especially noticeable around the new year, when people are focused on shedding post-holiday weight gain. It’s unfortunate that so many people in our culture deprive themselves of the pleasures of food because of cultural norms around eating, what they have been taught by family/friends, and what “health gurus” and medical professionals tell us we should or shouldn’t eat. This love/hate relationship with food causes unnecessary stress that could be resolved by re-learning the art of mindful eating. Read more >>

What is Mindfulness? Answers from a Licensed Therapist

How to Be More Mindful: Part 2
January 15, 2018
After writing my first blog about mindfulness during the holiday season, I realized that many people don’t really know what mindfulness is all about. A non-therapist friend of mine asked me if it means closely paying attention to our thoughts, no matter what activity we are engaged in. Actually, I responded, it’s quite the opposite. Mindfulness is letting our thoughts be in the background while fully experiencing the present moment. We miss out on so much of our day-to-day experiences when our thoughts get in the way. Read more >>

How Mindfulness Can Help You Stay Sane Over the Holidays

How to Be More Mindful: Part 1
December 8, 2017
Welcome to my new blog, A Healthy Mind and Body. I felt compelled to write my first blog post about mindfulness now since we are approaching the holiday season.

This season is by far my favorite time of year. I love the brisk sweater weather, the fresh air of November and December, and being surrounded by family, friends, and delicious holiday treats. One of my fondest memories is of sitting in the kitchen taking in the aromas of my grandmother cooking pierogi, latkes, and blintzes for Hanukkah and Christmas. (Yes, I am lucky enough to celebrate both!) But despite such delights, the holidays can also be one of the most stressful times of the year. Buying presents, cooking, and going to parties and get togethers can cause us all so much heartache and fatigue. Read more >>